The Scintilla

Scintilla was born in 2020 as a small hobby, slowly and with few expectations. We are twin sisters - Mariana and Margarida, who, among many other passions, share a lifelong taste for the world of fashion.

In addition to having completely different backgrounds, at the time we decided to create this project we had equally different and stable professional situations. Despite the difference there was something in common - a void, which Scintilla came to fill in a perfect way.

Initially we dedicated the little free time we had to the brand, as a simple part-time, but the passion grew, demanding more and more dedication and making more obvious what we had guessed for so long: this was our dream and path.

It didn't take long to realize that our future would involve dedicating ourselves 100% to this project and, thus, in 2022 Scintilla officially became our dream come true.

A brand by and for women passionate about fashion. For women who, like us, like and want to make a difference through their style. For women who like to be bold. For women who like to wear the energy that moves them.